About Prodigy Instruments

Our Origin Story

Prodigy Instruments started in 2017, but its origins go back to 1930 during The Great Depression, when a young lad from Terranora NSW, designed, built and sold his first Non-Automatic Sheep Drencher. His name was Norman James Phillips, and his company grew to become NJPhillips (NJP).

Norman’s son and grandson devotedly continued the family tradition, working at NJP, learning the ropes, and each eventually becoming General Manager. It wasn’t until the second sale of the business in 2015 that the then General Manager, Matthew Phillips, found his position sadly untenable. Matthew, along with Shane Koopman; Toolmaker and Toolroom Manager at NJP, decided the time had come to leave and start their own business.

“An outstanding example of a particular quality” or “Prodigy” is what Matthew and Shane set out to do. Their combined technical knowledge, hands-on skill and “Can Do” attitude, designed the first range of Prodigy applicators, keeping quality, accuracy and affordability at the forefront of their objectives.

With enthusiastic support from AIRR (Australian Independent Rural Retailers) the first of Prodigy instruments were launched in 2017, covering the Animal Health and Forestry sectors. Since then, Prodigy’s range has grown to include the Marine Conservation sector, with their COTS (Crown-of-Thorns) Injector, and Bait Syringes helping protect Australia’s fauna and flora from harmful predators and pests.

With distributors worldwide, the Prodigy team has grown, but our values stay the same; to produce quality products with reliability and affordability combined with unparalleled customer service.

We invite you to reach out to our team and let us know about your needs and requirements. 

Why Choose Prodigy?

Quality and Affordability across the entire Prodigy range

Using the latest technical engineering technologies combined with smart manufacturing.

In-house Design, Manufacturing and Quality Control

Product testing across the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, provides superior quality products with lasting performance.

Customised Service, Colours, Livery & Packaging

Prodigy products, your way. Customised colours, livery and packaging options means your products stand out from the crowd.

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